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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is The Smart Negotiator!  program so successful?

A: Here are a few reasons The Smart Negotiator! is successful: 1. We do our homework. Long before we arrive to conduct your session, we work to establish baseline knowledge of your industry, your company and those who will be attending the workshop, as well as a thorough understanding of the issues faced that need to be addressed in the program. 2. We customize the program to meet your needs. This is NOT an off-the-shelf program. A series of discussions/interviews take place with designated individuals that are either attending or directly manage or supervise those attending. Client-specific case studies are developed in conjunction with site designee(s) for use in the workshop. Your workshop will address your issues and meet your needs. 3. It works! It really does. It's not academic--it's practical. It's focused, hands-on and effective. "Real-life" examples utilized during lectures and company-specific negotiations simulations that enhance learning ultimately yield behavior change, producing higher quality agreements. It is proven to make a difference in the workplace! We continually hear what a difference The Smart Negotiator! is making for our clients. After completing our course the participants develop better partnerships, and saved a great deal of time, money and resources. And that's what it is all about! 4. We don't disappear after the workshop. We know that learning is continual. It needs to be applied and reinforced. Participants are encouraged to keep in touch with us by email for follow-up, to ask questions, share how they have applied what they learned or just bounce new ideas off us. With client permission, we will follow-up directly with participants via email to reinforce learning. We recognize that our success is in your success. 

How many people may be put in our on-site workshop?

A: We recommend keeping enrollment to no more than twenty (20) in a session. Our experience has shown us that the transfer of learning begins to deteriorate incrementally with each additional person beyond twenty. This is due to the "hands-on" and interactive nature of the program, which is essential to its effectiveness. If you think you may have more than twenty to be trained at one time, please discuss it with us so that we can explore all options with you and find a solution to meet your needs. 

How much does it cost to have the workshop delivered at our site?

A: The cost is determined by several factors: 1. The format (1 or 2 day) 2. Number of participants (a fixed fee for up to 20 participants with an additional per person fee beyond 20) 3. Whether the location is domestic or international. Instructor travel and material shipping is additional. The workshop fee includes: all customization, instruction, workshop materials and unlimited access to the virtual help-desk following the workshop.  We would like to learn more about your program needs and would be happy to discuss the workshop costs with you in detail.

What are the differences between the one day and two-day formats?

A: Components of the workshop will be selected in consultation with the designated client contact to best address participant needs. Obviously, not all topics can be covered in the one-day format . More importantly, the depth at which topics can be covered and the number of experiential exercises that can be utilized to insure and reinforce the transfer of learning is determined by the format selected. The two-day format is recommended.

Can you customize the workshop to meet our specific needs?

A: Absolutely and always! Every on-site workshop we do is customized to meet the specific needs and address the issues important to each client. This begins with our doing our homework and understanding your business. A series of discussions/interviews take place with designated individuals that are either attending or have a stake in the workshop. Client-specific case studies are developed in conjunction with site designee(s) for use in the workshop. This is NOT an off-the-shelf program! Please note: There is no additional fee for the customization. It is included in the workshop fee. 

Can The Smart Negotiator! workshop be delivered at our international locations?

A: Yes! Although we are US-based, The Smart Negotiator! has been delivered at locations in the United Kingdom, Europe, India, South America and Canada. If necessary, bc&j solutions can arrange for translation of workshop materials and simultaneous translation of the session or the client can choose to handle this aspect with their own contacts/vendors. 

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